Elex 2
Elex 2


Elexsandom began his DJ career in 2013. As a simple
student and son of a pianist, he spent his first nights in
clubs, like many others of his age. He looked enthusiastically
at the DJ booth and quickly developed a great passion for
DJing. Without hesitation, he took on several jobs in order
to devote himself fully to his hobby. Due to his North African
vein, elexsandom is a big lover of Afrobeats/Afro-House.
His sets are usually very special and unique, for him quality
is very important.



In 2018 he started his own production and was inspired by
various beats on SoundCloud.
In 2020 he started with his first releases and reached
numerous listeners. He has since built up a huge fanbase.
With a considered number of listeners on SoundCloud, he
enriches numerous DJs worldwide with his music.
He became known in the SoundCloud scene as well as in the
social channels with his unique Amapiano remixes, which
now inspire over 60 million people on Instagram/TikTok.



As a hype DJ, Elexsandom is currently traveling several
countries and continents and is booked in top clubs
worldwide (Theatro/Morocco;Vault/Bali;Chrystie/Cannes;
Vie I Pee/Austria ...) his unique way of music selection and
personal energy creates a unique atmosphere in the clubs
that leads to an unforgettable night.



The well-known NCA Studio Session by Elexsandom started
in August 2023.
The aim of the session was to visually represent his own
production. Meanwhile 4 sessions have already been
released and with a huge impact in the social channels as
a hype session.


Elexsandom NCA Studios Session Pt.2

Elexsandom NCA Studios Session Pt.2
Elexsandom NCA Studios Session Pt.2